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Click Metrocity is an Informatic online Platform to display Digital content like Blogs & Forum, We are managing Database of metropolitan city area. It's an initiative to pioneer the Database of Metropolitan urban Cities to exlore the Lifestyle, Foodstyle & Luxurious Standard of Living, Business opportunities, Travel & Tourism and Entertainment world.


Transforming the Imagination into reality, Developing an Unique online platform to share the Informations & explore the knowledge.


Provide the sophisticated and hasty way to access Digital content with accuracy and maintain the accomplished connectivity to retrieve the Informations.

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Get in touch with exclusive stuff of unique content and share your ideas to explore the Modern world of urban cities.


If we simplify the Complex word 'Blogging' in a simple way, It's Just a display of our Thinking or an Idea. To make it visualize we need to take step-by-step action , Blogs Topic can be on Lifestyle, Trends, Hobby, Interest, and specific, It includes content creation, choosing platform to display, arrangement and alignment of Photos & Content, over all we can say it's a process of Designing a Blog, allowing people to see content and share their views & Openion. Blogging is a new way of spreading your knowledge to others and show your presence by making yourself reachable in any way. Click Metrocity also one of them to serve you a better Digital content best in all aspect.


Database Management

Everything is changing on earth, today is not like previous day and definatly tommrow will be also different, Technology playing a vital role in these changes, set of information are increasing daily basis, those who are thinking different come up with a solution that create a Database of all the informations and that is really todays requirement, to manage database so many technics are there, The software which is provide the facility to manage database is called Database Management System, Databases make data management easy, Autonomous Database is the world's first fully automated, we are here to keep database of Blogs and Forums to share the Informations.

Database Management


To minimize the distance or gap between two or more things we need connectivity, once the connectivity done it's very easy to share the informations, We are gifted a advanced technology by the innovators that makes easy life and time saving actions, In coming year the big earth will become a small planet based on connectivity and sharing informations, Internet connectivity, connectivity of individual terminals, computers, mobile devices, and local area networks connect to the global Internet, Innovators are focusing on capacity for the interconnection of platforms, systems, and applications. Click Metrocity also putting efforts to make it happen.



When we here the word like Event or Celebration it makes a tickling sound in emotional portion of the Brain, We always want to make every moment special or memorable, to make it happen we look for uniqueness in our events and prefer someone who is expert in those activities. Organizing an awesome Event always appreciable and definatly people will praise for that, so while Organizing events we sholud keep in our brain that we are looking for perfection, There are so many factors which is responsible for nice event like Place, Budget, Timing, and especially Management, beacause how we are managing the event that's matter more.



When we are in deep silence our brain starts generating set of thoughts and creative ideas, It comes like glowing a light in Brain. Everybody has different patterns of thinking and calculatory neurons, If we put them in proper way will get bundle of Innovation which is beyond the thinking of a normal man. It opens a new door of resources and can be a exclusive matter. Framing them is art of specification or visualization, reality always comes from Imazination and Imazination is Pre-step of any kind of creativity or Innovation.


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The Metropolitan City or Metropolitan Area, a region consisting of a densely populated which is highly shophisticated